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Sooooooo many have been asking me (especially on instagram) and it’s finally here: my personal smokey eye tutorial.
It’s my nightmare to be without make-up in front of the entire internet but then i assumed that every girl probably thinks that way 🙂 i am still figuring out how to film and the best way to do tutorials so sorry if this isn’t too professional yet! back to the smokey eyes: there will be another tutorial on a slightly heavier, more complex version but i thought i’d start with the more day-suitable version: a look you can even wear for work! enjoy!

Watch in 1080p HD!

Products used:
Real Techniques Core Collection
Real Techniques Blush Brush
Kiko Eyes 213 Eyes Brush

Diorskin Nude Foundation (030 Medium Beige)
Bare Minerals Original Foundation (Light W15)
Shiseido Natural Finish Cream Concealer (3 Medium)

Givenchy Eyebrow Show Pencil
Benefit Brow Story Speed Brow
Artdeco Eyeshadow Base
Kiko Long Lasting Eyeshadow Stick (Black)
Beni Durrer Eyeshadow Palette
L’OrĂ©al Paris False Lash Butterfly Mascara

Kiko Alluring Multicolour Bronzer 02 – Limited Edition
Art DecoBronzing Powder Compact 06

Dior Addict Ultra Gloss Flash 542 (this is the newer version)

I am wearing: Blouse from Zara, Necklace from Claire’s


the moment has come: i have managed to find a vintage burberry coat that did not cost half my rent! can’t believe it! next problem: how do i style it?

googling the issue didn’t get me very far for two reasons: i am neither alexa chung nor 1,80 m tall. so first question: how can a midget like me (1,60 m) wear that saggy big thing without looking too preggo? i tried some versions out an came up with the following options to wear a trench coat with: navy striped shirts / slim leather trousers / high waisted skirts / cut off denim shorts / tone-in-tone colors. as you can see i decided to go for the last option, fit perfectly to vienna’s weather that day.

coat BURBERRY VINTAGE / skirt WE BANDITS / jumper FROM SOUTH KOREA / wellies OYSHO / scarf MUJI


Step 1: BB Cream (La Roche Posay Hydreane)

a while ago ana, the most amazing graphic designer ever and founder of blog milk, asked me to prepare a guest post on a super quick beauty routine. click here to read the detailed instructions!

 Step 2: Mineral powder (Bareminerals Original)

 Step 3: Blush/Bronzer (Too Faced Pink Leopard, thanks to Vicky for the tip)

Step 4: Kajal and mascara (L’OrĂ©al Paris False Lash Butterfly / & Other Stories Mohair Khaki)


Balmain Resort 2013

THE ARE EVERYWHERE!! (insert horror movie voice). this optical illusion trend, that has recycled itself in fashion twenty million times is back again! as a long time stripe lover, this really comes in handy, as i don’t really need to buy any new pieces in order to be one of the cool stripe kids. anyway, here’s how i’d pair stripes items…

1) Pairing stripes with minimalist, clean items is my favorite. either with a white buttoned up blouse or a boyfriend trenchcoat.

1 / 2

2) Another cool way is to crash the conservative striped top with a pair of denim DIY shorts. When wearing flared striped pants a tighter top / jacket in a different color makes an amazing look.

1 / 2
3) Personally this look would work the best for me: vertically striped jeans, a pair of flatforms, a leather top and some nice accessories such as bordeaux nail polish, snapback hat and leather clutch.


trousers OASAP / top MONKI / shoes TOPSHOP / bag 3.1 PHILIP LIM / earrings BELLE NOELE BY KIM KARDASHIAN / watch KATE SPADE / hat BOY LONDON / nailpolish ESSIE


ever wondered how to get this vintage / faded effect on photos, well it’s really simple to do…

…it isn’t photoshop, it’s analog photography!

last week i got this an AMAZING package by photo-lang, a webstore that i have been buying at for a very long time. i found their ebay store a while ago and started buying their expired films, that are really nice and also super price worthy.

so i thought of doing a little tutorial on how anyone can do this wonderful thing called analog photography.

imagine a world without DIGITAL cameras. a world in which you actually had to think before pressing the button and where every picture was connected to cost. a world in which you had to wait for your photos and not just load them on your computer. welcome to the world of photography a few years ago.

So, there’s a camera and a film. The film is put into the camera. First step done. Now there’s automatic cameras, that do everything for you. But then, there are cameras where you have to expose manually. For this there are three parameters that need to be chosen.

Exposure (or shutter speed) is the amount of time that the film is exposed to light. A fast shutter speed (like 1/1000) gives less time (therefore light) to the film versus a slow shutter speed (like 1/8). The shutter speed always indicates the fraction of a second, so 1/60 is a 60th of a second. The longer you expose, the shakier your photo will get. If you use long exposures you will need a tripod in order to have a focused photo. This photo was exposed pretty long, that’s why it’s a little “shaky”:

The aperture is the amount of lens opening, it’s measured as the f-number. f64 would be a very small lens opening versus f1,8 which is a very wide opening. As mentioned in this post the aperture also affects the depth of field. This photo was taken with a very wide aperture, therefore the background is very blurry:

Last but not least the ISO is the film speed and therefore the sensitivity of the film. The higher the ISO, the more sensitive the film is to light. A film of 100 ISO has less sensitivity than a film of 400 ISO. With higher ISO it’s easier to expose shorter in dark surroundings, but also the grain is stronger. In the photo below you can see a photo taken at night, where there’s a strong grain due to the bad light conditions:

For many photos that i take going out and partying i use exposable cameras. At photo-lang they offer a wide range of disposable cameras, also offering some with creative efffects like the rollei ones. But don’t overdo it, those cameras are obviously not very eco friendly as they are being trashed after one use!

This might not be important since it’s a very technical aspect, but when buying film remember: color comes cheaper. Most color films are developed with machines, whereas black & white films have to be processed manually (there are some exceptions!). Getting a black & white film developed will cost you more, since the work is greater. Using expired color film will get you a really nice result sometimes, try it!

4. TRY!
As in every tutorial, the only way is: trying. Go and buy a film, try to find a cheap manual camera at the flea market and just TRY. Asking people and spending time trying to learn everything in theory will do nothing (it’s the same for digital photography!). Trial and error is the best way and the way i learned photography many years ago.

 my lovely jane

with lovely mark from mark & julia and hannah from houseof whatthefuck
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