visiting paris in january

attenting the vienna awards in march

being part of steffl’s disctrict one blogger corner in march

 feature for GANT in april

cutting my hair real short in may

mercedes benz fashion week berlin in july

spending my 23rd birthday alone in the mountains in july

featured in vice in august

 moving to milan in september

this has been my personal 2012. so many ups and downs. i’ve been invited to so many exciting events, have been so lucky to meet amazing new people and make new friends. the most important highlight of 2012 happened in september.

meeting him. 
have an amazing 2013 and thank you so much for all your support.


how i will spend my night. my doctor prescribed me antibiotics and i feel like a truck ran over me. i’m flying to egypt on friday, so hopefully all will be alright until then! *fingers crossed*

sophie got me this wonderful book about coco chanel, which will be my read over christmas and i’ve been looking through all those wonderful editorials in winter edition of love mag. i guess all of this makes being sick a little more bearable.


last friday vicky from bikinis & passports invited some blogger girls to her beautiful appartment for some drinks. but not only drinks: vicky made the best snacks ever! starting with mozzarella-tomato-wraps, salmon-pumpernickel-tidbits and topping it with delicious cheese, grapes and chocolate brownies! wooooooah! can i please marry that girl? we gossiped (that’s what bloggers do! haha), drank loads of prosecco/wine and had a really good time. thanks for that wonderful evening, vicky!

blogger-princesses were: vicky from bikinis & passports , maria from stylekingdom, vanessa, anna from h.anna, sonja from fashiontweed, anna from mangoblüte and julia from fanfarella.


i REALLY needed some change. recently i’ve been crazy about changes in my life. i feel like i am drowning in work so much, that i have no time for things that really mean the most to me. i might be too radical about changes, but it feels so good to finally DO something and take action. on saturday my blog has its first birthday and i felt like it’s time for a new design. still need to do some changes, not so sure about the yellow. tomorrow i’ll finally take the time to do some outfit posts. and now i really have to go to bed, i feel like the biggest geek since i just spent 5 hours to change my blog layout. good night. i <3 you.