i’m off!

Aaaaah I need to go! I am SUPER LATE. Didn’t have time to work on my blog today! See you after Berlin!


Just before leaving for Berlin tomorrow I had an epiphany today and decided to get a new design for my blog. I wanted something more simple but add a little more gadgets on the side. But I am still working on it.

What do you think about the new design?

This was my outfit for uni today, something really comfortable, somehow I felt like a little french schoolgirl. Stripes are always fashionable in my opinion. My friend Jacob gave me this leather lunch bag from South Korea a couple of months ago, thanks so much! The mug coffee mug was also I gift and helps me through every morning. So tomorrow I am leaving for another weekend in Berlin and I can’t wait to be there when it’s nicer out. I will try to post before leaving tomorrow, but I’m afraid I’ll be too busy. Have a great weekend!

ZARA blazer and pants
SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA leather bag, shoes and shirt
TIFFANY’S earrings
CASIO watch

goodbye, old design!


I felt like vintage, don’t know why. I had these pants forever, but never knew how to combine them. How would you wear those high waisted, flared trousers? 

The sun is shining and I am trying to get loads of work done. I leave for Berlin this weekend and Chicago in two weeks. Right now I am trying to get my internship for this summer organized, please keep your fingers crossed for me!
H&M knit sweater
WALTER BAUER suede boots


Got some awesome books at my uni library. Great British Editorial, obviously shows editorials from GB, only really amazing ones though. Fashion | Images De Mode, No. 5 is a book from 2000, but they have publications every year that show great fashion photography. I love the 80ies to contemporary photographies. And then I got an older issue of Form – The Making Of Design, a german speaking magazine, that’s being issued every two months. I love it – its perfect in every detail. This weekend I got the January/February Edition of 2011. 
My weekend passed way too quickly. It was amazing. Friday dinner at Dots, saturday breakfast at Blaustern, got a shirt printed at Peryd Shou, really amazed how great their service is. They’re super-friendly and really skilled. Got my shirt printed for 29 Euro in less than 10 minutes. Thumbs up! Coffee at Cafe Europa, which is probably one of my favorite places in Vienna. You get a a  little carafe of water with every coffee. Today brunch at MAS. Was alright, not too exciting. A little overpriced but their staff is nice and the food good. Saw my first ice hockey match, had beers. Listening to Chopin all weekend.. Piano makes my heart jump. What makes your heart jump?

daily dose of black

So this is the AMAZING dress I was talking about! I am really obsessed with it. Does everything for me a piece of clothing should: It’s made out of really soft fabric, super comfortable, the cut is beautiful, asymmetrical with a side slit. Got it at COS.. Have I mentioned I love COS? Haha. And then I got these boots from Urban Outfitters, I feel like they’re so cool, that I might be too uncool to pull them off. Anyway, here’s some photos. It’s a lot because the dress just works really great the way it falls, with the light it’s even better. Enjoy.
COS dress
COS leather necklace
H&M ring
PENNYS bracelet