My weekend is starting with an awesome friday! After a night out w the girls yesterday I recovered doing a little shopping. I went to a store I’ve been wanting to check out in suuuuch a long time and finally got to go! Its a little jewellery boutique close to the Vienna Graben and called NEW ONE. I heard they had really amazing bracelets which turned out to be so true! They have beautiful more expensive pieces and then really affordable ones too. They’re style is contemporary and so tasteful. Of course I got four bracelets that go perfectly with my new boyfriend watch from ASOS 🙂


Theeeen I developed an old film roll I found in my appartment, turns out the film was over 20 years old! I love the colors, the vintage look. Also I developed a film I took during my stay in Monte Carlo, Monaco. Check them out. Lots of love.



paint and plans

Some photos painting… I seriously don’t consider myself a skilled or great painter, but I really enjoy it. Like sports it makes me relax and get my brain emptied out. My paintings all look kind of the same… Very expressive and mushy, haha.

So I booked my flight to Chicago and I can’t wait to check out all the museums, go to concerts and of course take lots of photos!

Also I got pretty obsessed with Alan Jensen, who I mentioned in my previous post. His videos are not only stunningly beautiful, he also directs for my favorite bands! One of them is Star Slinger. The other Video by Simon Christen is also pretty AWESOME.


cold lights

Today I got out of class early, so I managed to spent some time taking photos and editing 🙂 Even though it was freezing out, the light was really beautiful. Also I found some new amazing videos/songs… I stumbled upon Alan Jensen, who does AWESOME videos. The colors, the light, the mood – I love everything about them! The first video on the bottom is by him.

happy weekend!

The weekend’s coming up and I am excited to get some time off again… School and work has started again so I dont really get to do too much. Yesterday I took those couple of hours after Uni at night to get great dinner at Li’s cooking and then some drinks at Orient & Occident (they don’t have a website, sorry) at Naschmarkt. Before I went to American Apparel and got a great casio retro watch and an oversized v-neck shirt (it’s for guys but I love wearing them). I didn’t have time to take proper photos but I will this weekend, promised! Lots of love, have a good weekend 🙂

milan’s fashion and ljubljana’s parties

What a great vacation! I absolutely loved the trip and I can’t believe it was only a week.. We did and saw so much – it felt like I taveled for longer. The sun was shining every single day, blue sky and it felt nice and warm. Milano’s fashion is just so great, women were dressed so tasteful and chic. Next to my regular stops like Marc by Marc Jacobs, Massimo Dutti, Zara etc. I found two new cool shops I fell in love with. The first one is called “My Closet” and is a multi-brand store with really artsy, funky shirts. I got an amazing shirt from “Happiness is a 10$ Tee” for only 24 Euros! Then I also found a pretty in-expensive store called “Subdued”. They had really cute, almost kid-looking, things and more importantly: great fabrics. Lots of angora, cashmere and wool. Also I got a suuuuper cool pair of studded leather boots in a small boutique in old-town….

Anyway, as romantic and wonderful Milano was, we had to leave! On our way to Ljubljana we stopped in Trieste and had lunch by the sea. Ljubljana really surprised us! It’s so small, but there’s so many young people hanging out in the cool, trendy cafés Ljulbljana has to offer. We stayed in a really exciting place called Meltkova, which is an area “without rules”, so it’s very punk. We went to an amazing underground party in an occupied factory… It was truely incredible!

Now I am planing my next trip… Probably Chicago in April 🙂