turning in circles

Ich drehe mich im Kreis, jeden Tag. Kreisläufe bestimmen unser Leben – in der Liebe, der Gesundheit, dem Beruf. Kann gut sein, muss aber nicht. Ich will kein Perpetuum mobile sein, blind und schwindlig vor lauter im Kreis drehen. Manchmal muss Mann/Frau stehen bleiben und weitergehen.


Finally! My boots from Modekungen in Sweden have arrived! So in love with them. Furry and warm. Right in time for the dawn of winter. I’d really rather be staying in my warm cozy bed all day.. It’s been snowing for days and it definitely looks stunningly beautiful…. well, from the inside.

I am not there.

Wow, my blog is already covered in dust and spiderwebs. University is putting quite a strain on me right now, so lately I’ve been super busy studying and working on projects. Basically I AM NOT THERE. Extremely dazed and confused. Constantly forgetting stuff. Either you can find me half-starving at one of the food stalls at “Schottentor” around 10 pm (thats when the library shuts down)or wandering around like a maniac after my 10th cup of coffee. I am really sad about not being able to work on my blog as much as I would like to, but hey – education first, kids! Dont do drugs. Enjoy what I had time for – two tableaus describing my condition.

What’s in my bag?

1. Der Standard, Wochenendausgabe
2. MacBook 13,3″, Apple
3. “We Make Magazines”, Buch von Andrew Losowsky
5. Apfel, Gala
7. High Impact Mascara, Clinique
8. Auto Pilot Lip Service, Napoleon Perdis
9. iPod Touch 8GB, Apple
10. Nokia 5230 with pink leather strap from Seoul
11. Stofftasche, I THINK SO(Seoul, South Korea)
12. Kalender, Hot Tracks (Seoul, SK)
13. Pencil Case, some Mall in Seoul
14. Fisheye Camera, Lomo
15. Notebook, Hot Tracks (Seoul, SK)
16. Leather wallet, some boutique in Nice
17. Card wallet, Hot Tracks (Seoul, SK)
18. “Tiere Essen”, Buch von Jonathan Safran Foer